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Our Mission

A Refuge for Homeless Women with Children and Street Orphans is to create a safe transitional residence for destitute women with children who are living in the slums of Delhi and Mumbai in abject poverty, Many are forced to rely on the sex trade for survival. We are dedicated to offering them a safe wholesome and sustainable lifestyle. This can be accomplished by an intensive, emotional, physical and vocational rehabilitation programs.

Rescue Missions

Our Rescue Team consists of at least 8 members and it is conducted on a bi-monthly basis. All rescue missions occur during the daylight hours for security reasons. The target areas are in slums of Delhi and Mumbai India, where women struggle to children and the street orphans reside in desolate conditions.

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Our Services

What We Offer

  • Offer Temporary and Long Term Residency
  • Immediate Medical and Dental Service
  • Education for Good Age Children
  • Parenting Skills
  • Nutritional Facts and Cooking Skills
  • Teaching Marketable Vocational Skills to the Women
  • Empowerment Skills


Vocational Skills

  • Identify and Developed Jobs Skills
  • Job Search and Job Creation
  • Job Preparation and Readiness

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What we can do?

Board Of Directors


Dona Ferolie

- Founder Director -

Donna Ferolie is a Canadian/ American who spent a lifetime working in the capacity as a social worker, school counselor and rehabilitation consultant. Donng dedicated the last 15 years volunteering in india to help feed and cloth the homeless, and teach street children in Northern india

Santhosh Kumar

- Director-Head office -

Santhosh Kumar is born and raised in Southern India. He is a successful entrepreneur with an expertise in regulatory law concerning charitable organizations in India. He has an infinity to help his own people and has devoted his time to other worthy organizations such as the Rotary Glub of Bangalore


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